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Wild Wind Sanctuary


Hello and Blessings! I am Andrea Scibilia, most know me as Ondi. I began Wild Wind Sanctuary just as our world was locking down August of 2020, to offer an opportunity for people to experience the amazing healing energies of the Tranquil Spirit that dwells here and to encourage alternative healers to gather and share their gifts with the surrounding community. Three years later, Wild Wind has evolved to include charitable giving, workshops, barn dances, sacred ceremonies, weddings and Goddess Teas to celebrate women and more! I am so grateful for our journey and excited to see how Spirit guides us forward! We gather to share our gifts with all who venture here to our holistic, metaphysical gatherings and events.  We are always creating new opportunities  such as sustainable living classes, drum circles, meditation under the pines, picnics, rustic camping and bonfire weekends, etc. We'll add events and gathering opportunities as we go, so check back often to see what we have coming up!

Tranquil Spirit

at Wild Wind

Prayer Wheel
Ondi-Founder of Wild Wind
Goddess Tea 2021a.JPG
July Ecstatic Dance 2.jpg
HipC & The Cotton Candy Man
Ecstatic Dance 2022
Rocky Horror Fun!
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